Sechang is a major and leading SOC, construction and projects law firm in Korea. We advise our clients relating to construction matters, including but not limited to, bids, contract documents, drafting proposals, negotiating agreements, and obtaining government clearance with respect to construction projects. Sechang clients include the Ministry of Construction & Transportation, Samsung Engineering & Construction, GS Engineering & Construction Corp., Daelim Industrial, Dongbu Engineering & Construction, Hyundi Mobis, Hanhwa Engineering & Construction, Kumho Engineering & Construction, Posco engineering & Construction., Mokpo New Port Corp., Pohang-Yeongil New Port Corp., Seoyeong Engineering Corp., Halla Energy & Environment, and Beomwoo Corp. in their respective construction matters. The Korean Government retains Sechang in its construction matters and litigates construction cases on behalf of the Government. Sechang has contributed to the successful resolution of numerous disputes involving construction companies, either through private negotiation or mediation/arbitration.

Sechang counsels numerous companies in relation to their infrastructure development projects in Korea. Our service in this area has proven quite beneficial and instrumental to the success of the projects regardless of the stage of development in each case—whether the clients are arranging the relationship among consortium partners or engaging in negotiation with the Government as the most favored proponent under the relevant Korean infrastructure development laws.

Our strong relationship with the Government is positively evaluated by clients who require experienced and skillful guidance based on actual field experience. Successful examples of huge infrastructure projects where we advised from the early stage of project development are: 1) Hyundai Mobis Corporation regarding the Landfill Gas Power Plant Project, where Hyundai Mobis Corporation participated in the bidding of project proposals with our professional advice and was subsequently awarded the concession contract from the Government; 2) Posco Construction regarding Euijongbu Electric Railroad Project; 3) Daelim Construction regarding Pohang Port Project; 4) Kumho Construction regarding Kwangju Highway Project; 5) Hyundai Construction regarding Kochon-Walgot Highway Project; 6) Lotte Engineering regarding Hoechon Environmental Facilities Project and 7) Lotte Construction regarding Continental Highway Project.

Finally, the Korea Development Institute (Department of Fiscal Affairs and Public Investment Management), which represents the Korean government for all infrastructure construction projects, appointed Sechang to draft the well respected Model BTL (Build Transfer Lease) Contract in 2005.



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